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Sixt Car Rental Los Angeles

Booking inquiries at Los Angeles pick up locations

Type Location Dates Class Car Price Request performed
Los Angeles Airport (LAX)
(7 days)
06/23/2017 18:00 - 06/30/2017 22:00 Economy Chevrolet Spark $45.72 / day 58 day(s) and 8 hour(s) ago
Los Angeles Airport (LAX)
(7 days)
04/03/2017 10:00 - 04/10/2017 10:00 Economy Toyota Yaris $32.70 / day 60 day(s) and 3 hour(s) ago
Los Angeles Airport (LAX)
(-2 days)
03/31/2017 11:00 - 04/01/2017 17:00 Compact Ford E-350 Cargo $-364.64 / day 60 day(s) and 8 hour(s) ago
Los Angeles Airport (LAX)
(-1 days)
03/30/2017 11:00 - 04/01/2017 18:00 Ford Explorer $-3214.90 / day 60 day(s) and 8 hour(s) ago
Los Angeles Airport (LAX)
(3 days)
03/27/2017 20:30 - 03/30/2017 14:30 Fullsize Ford E-350 $22.18 / day 60 day(s) and 19 hour(s) ago

In 1912 Munich, Germany, Sixt Rent A Car was founded. And, since that time, they’ve been the leader in the country for rental car agencies. For approximately 100 years, in 90 countries and with 4,000 locations including Los Angeles, Sixt has provided its customers with the best possible transportation solutions available.

Los Angeles Sixt Worldwide offices

The company’s locations around the world have been strategically placed; many of them are in or near vacation hot spots such as Los Angeles and popular tourist attractions.  They can also be found near major international airports.  Sixt recently busted into the United States market with locations in both the Ft. Lauderdale and Miami, Florida airports. The company has plans to increase its presence in other major U.S cities.

What Sixt Los Angeles Has In The Way Of Services and Vehicles

Sixt Los Angeles has a wide range of vehicles that can meet your rental needs, whether it’s personal or business. You have the option for leasing, multiple passenger vans, limousine and chauffeur services and moving vans.  Whatever vehicle you’d like to rent, Sixt has it for you… from compacts, economy, hybrid, sports, convertible, vans, SUV, 4x4s, luxury cars, etc. And, whatever type of car you want, they offer it. Whatever your renting needs are, by day, week, month or one-way renting, Sixt is there to help you see it.

Sixt also has solutions for businesses and individuals looking to lease one vehicle or a whole fleet of them. Sixt has products geared toward certain countries and international services. Lease agreements can be customized to your needs along with the needs of your business, regardless of its size.

Sixt can also help their customers through online assistance and service. Customers can:

  • Book Sixt Los Angeles reservations
  • Cancel Sixt Los Angeles invoices
  • Request Sixt Los Angeles invoices
  • Check in
  • Obtain maps of Los Angeles

There’s also an application for the iPhone and Blackberry to help you take care of things wherever in the world you may be.

Regular Sixt customers are entitled to enjoy the bonus and mileage program that allow them to tack on more savings to their car rentals. Sign up for the service and you’ll be entitled to a discount that can be used anytime you’d like. Sixt has partnered with various travel agencies for an added convenience of booking your trip. This includes your airfare, hotel and the Sixt rental car.

The professional and experienced Sixt staff can handle all your questions and issues either by phone or through the Internet. If you have requested chauffeur services, you’ll get a professional and courteous driver who will drive you to your destination.

Sixt is everything you have wanted in a car rental and leasing agency, whether you need it for your personal use or your business. Get the Sixt newsletter by email and check out the online rental services to see how Sixt can assist you.